Bimi’s Properties



We are currently paying more attention to what we put in our mouths since we know we need to take care of our health, and that is reflected in our body. As Bimi is a new vegetable, in this section we present the values that make it a delicious gourmet product for every palate.

It is a vegetable that can be compared to broccoli and it belongs to the Brassica family. Broccoli has been studied due to the large amount of nutritional (proteins, minerals and vitamins) and bioactive compounds (phenolic, glucosinolates and carotenoids) it contains. Bimi has a sweet, mild flavour; its stem is a similar size to green asparagus and its floret is reminiscent of that of broccoli.

Furthermore, it is an excellent addition to diets for weight loss due to its high fibre content and linoleic acids.

Furthermore, Bimi offers an extraordinary range of health benefits at just three servings a week.
Bimi contains ten essential nutrients. It has been shown to contain more zinc, folic acid, antioxidants and vitamin C than green asparagus, traditional broccoli, kale and spinach.

It is rich in glucosinolates, an anti-cancer agent typical of brassicas. It also contains sinigrin, which helps to remove pre-cancerous cells.

According to several studies, Bimi help prevent cancers of the stomach, colon and lung.